Kalamazoo MI Commercial Photographer | Educational Community Credit Union / ECCU

I've been so lucky to work with Educational Community Credit Union many times over the past couple of years. As a member and also as their photographer I can tell you they are always looking out for the best of their members, hence the reason they recently added some awesome new features to their mobile app, and seeing the interaction between ECCU employees and the members who are featured in their quarterly newsletter shows exactly why this credit union is consistently growing. For the fall quarter, ECCU highlighted Pilot Brian McIver and the way he utilizes the new mobile banking features as he travels around the world on a day to day basis. Here's a link to the full story: http://blog.eccu1.org/eccu-mobile-banking-soars-to-new-heights/

We began the shoot inside the Kalamazoo/Battle Creek International Airport, and thanks to one of the wonderful police officers on duty there that evening, we were given access to the runway. The experience was once-in-a-lifetime for me. I kept thinking of my two boys and how much they would enjoy the up-close view of planes coming and going, the wide expanse of lights, hangars, and sunshine. It's a piece of me now. This commercial side to my work has grown substantially over the past two years; from a few headshots to newsletters to marketing shoots. I've been bitten by the 'commercial work' bug and I'm loving it. (And there are a few key people who have truly helped me along the way - mentioning my name to their friend or boss, handing out my business cards - I am *so* thankful for those individuals.) There are many additional challenges when doing a commercial shoot, from meeting the person you're photographing on the spot with no prior knowledge of who they really are or how they tick, to managing lighting challenges (while remaining a natural light photographer to boot!), to having a one to two day turnaround time on all work - and I'm finding the challenges to be so worth it. It would be such a blessing to continue growing this side of my business.

If you're read this far, thank you! It's one of my longer posts to date, but I had to share. If you like what you see below, let me know in the comments below - I love hearing from you. I read and respond to every comment, and trust me, it makes my day. And if you think I might be a good fit for a project in your office, or if you need updated corporate headshots this winter, please reach out! I'll customize the shoot based on your needs.