These four. They're the best. I've been photographing Mason and Madi for years now, and they've come to feel like family. I also love the way Brendan looks forward to these bi-annual sessions.... When he stepped out of the car this time I said "We meet again!" and he replied "Every 6 months I look forward to seeing you and my dentist!" Such good humor he has :) But truly, he and Sam both get it. They get how fast their kids are growing, and how quickly they'll be 18 and heading to college or moving out. They know that six months from now, the photos will be completely different because things change that fast. Thank you Brendan and Sam (and Mason and Madi!) for being one of my all-time favorite families... I have so much fun at your sessions! And the fact that you always pick out such fabulous outfits doesn't hurt either. ;) 


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