Kalamazoo MI Family Photographer | Grau

Did you know that location scouting is my other part-time job? (I'm only half-kidding...) : ) Photog friends, I know you understand the struggle! I adore this gem of a spot I found a while back, and the way the light streams through the foliage. With every client, every session, even if they've hired me for five years straight, I send a client questionnaire. And when it returns, the first thing I look at is the type of location they're wanting. I begin putting connections together and brainstorming what would be best for their children's ages, or best fits the interests they have. Some days (like today, just before I wrote this post) I'll grab a coffee, throw the kids in the car and drive around looking for new spots, pretty light, thick foliage. So when Katie's questionnaire said "We completely trust your eye for choosing the perfect location!"... it made my day. : )

I'm so, so thankful to know this sweet little family, and to see the story God is writing in and through their lives. I left this session on such a photographer's-high because I'm so blessed to do what I do ... I have this passion and I'm going to keep pursuing it, soaking up every bit that I learn along the way as I document real lives, real stories.

If you love what you see below - the light and the interaction and the documented love, let's chat. I still have a few openings throughout the winter for in-home or outdoor sessions. Think snowman building, gingerbread houses, hot cocoa by your fireplace, or even snuggling up in bed with books and board games. I customize each session to who you are as a family, and promise a relaxing, laid back hour or two that ends with a beautiful gallery for you to keep forever.