Baby Girl Olivia's Grand Entrance at Bronson Hospital, Kalamazoo Michigan | Elyse Rowland Photography

There was so much goodness in the single hour I spent with this sweet family at Bronson Hospital after the birth of their baby girl, Olivia. We watched the emergency helicopter take off right as I entered the room, and little Drew's face lit up with excitement. Once baby Olivia was wrapped and in the arms of her family, she settled in and big brother Drew gave the sweetest kisses while saying "It's okay baaaaa-beeeee". He's filled with so much love for his new sister, and it's easy to see he's been taught how to love well by his amazing parents. They're what I would call 'all in' when it comes to parenting, putting their family first and using every moment to love on and teach their children. I'm blessed to be their photographer.