Thankful to be your photographer. Elyse Rowland of Kalamazoo, Michigan.

I have just two sessions left to edit and then it's a wrap for 2018! I am so thankful for all the REAL, raw, blissful moments that were lived out in front of me this year, and even the tears, because this is *real life*, y'all! I'm not a 'sit down, don't move, smile-at-the-camera' sort of photographer... I want genuine & my biggest desire is to hang with people who think head-thrown-back laughter is real beauty

If I could just tell my clients one thing, it'd be this: tears sometimes fall, stained knees happen, and we aren't meant to be perfect -- we're flawed and that's what makes every family so unique, and you know what else? We need to give ourselves some grace & remember that these little people in our homes will grow wings too soon and these photos will be just what they need to remember their roots. All those moments you wonder "did I do enough?" -- the proof is right there in your photos. (The ones you *print*, that is...)

I'm grateful for clients who specifically hired me to see their family through my eyes, & who trust the process -- my vision for location, suggestions to make their session smoother, wardrobe ideas... even my sometimes crazy directing that helps pull out their true emotion. It all matters, and it means the world to me.

And maybe more than anything else, I'm grateful for all the homes where I was an observer, sometimes a participant, and mostly a witness to beauty and goodness and laughter and chaos. Ohhh the chaos -- I thrive in the chaos. Give me some chaos and a camera, and I promise in a few years, you're going to see the beauty.

These photos don't even represent all of the amazing sessions - some are purposely kept private, some feel too personal to share... but each and every family who I've had the pleasure of working with this year, thank you. 

Hugs and grace to you, sweet friends!
xo, Elyse

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