a peek at my life | august 2017

Hey friends! I'm finally editing my own photos from this past year. Partly because Blurb is offering 50% off their photo books through November 29th, but mostly because I miss summertime and just love re-living these moments. August was a crazy month for us as we prepared for a big move to our new home, and I was savoring each and every second in that old house... the place we brought out babies home, all the familiar little nooks & crannies... the gorgeous field behind our house, and those magnificent sunsets. 

These photos tell stories. They bring back moments I might otherwise forget. So I'll keep documenting the everyday, and in the coming months I hope to work with more mamas who want to do the same.

If you've been wanting to learn to use your DSLR and to capture these too-easily-missed moments, consider hosting an in-home workshop for your mama friends. I'd love to help you overcome any obstacles keeping you from gathering images like these.


And if you're already using your DSLR and getting the hang of it, keep practicing! Keep experimenting & playing with light. Keep going, even if it feels like one of the hardest things you've ever done... it's worth it. I promise.




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