Blogging is one of those things I rarely find time to fit in, but I knew this session needed to be shared. The Combs family is one of the sweetest you'll meet and since they knew they'd be putting their house on the market soon, they wanted to document life as they know it in their current home. These sessions are bittersweet... filled with your typical, beautiful everyday moments, but of course in the back of their mind knowing they'll soon be moving on to a new chapter. Their kiddos will continue to grow and change. But these photos will be around forever, and I hope they'll help this amazing family to look back on the memories they created there. It's all about leaving a tangible legacy (which is why I always tell my clients to PRINT their images! No grandchild of yours will know the password to your Flickr account 30 years from now...).

Combs family: wishing you all the best & I can't wait to see your new home when you move! I LOVED spending the morning with you and feel absolutely blessed to call you friends.