My Favorite Frothy Mocha Shake. Kalamazoo Michigan Photographer, Elyse Rowland.

frothy mocha shake sitting on table surrounded by bible, nature books, and pens

Almost every morning I wake up, have my version of a Bulletproof Coffee (brewed half-caff, a giant scoop of coconut oil, and Green Remedy CBD Oil), and then get right to my daily workout. And every day I have a little leftover coffee by the time lunch rolls around.

So when I’m ready for my first meal of the day around noon or 1pm (typically a shake and some veggies or eggs hash), I throw the leftover coffee in my shake, and voila - a Frothy Mocha Shake is born! I’ve learned a few tricks over the years to get it frothy, so I thought I’d share my recipe, which is more like a list than a recipe since I eyeball everything…. ;)

ingredients for frothy mocha shake
pouring bulletproof coffee into vitamix blender

In a Vitamix (or your favorite blender), blend the following til smooth:

1 scoop of your favorite chocolate protein powder (I like IdealLean or Garden of Life)

A handful of Kale (or any greens you like)

1 small Banana (or 1 Medjool Date)

Leftover Bulletproof coffee (about a cup, mine is usually ‘bulletproofed’ from the morning, so it has coconut oil & CBD Oil mixed in)

1-2 cups Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk

1+ tbsp Cocoa Powder

1-2 tbsp Ground Flax

2 cups ice (approximate)

Add water if needed (just make sure your ice to liquid ratio is about equal — the ice, coconut oil, and flax are the ingredients that make this shake ‘frothy’)

hand sprinkling green kale into vitamix blender

Blend until all ice is smooth. Texture should be lumpy and frothy from the ice, flax meal, and coconut oil.

A quick note: once you begin blending, you’ll know if you need to add some more almond milk or water and over time you’ll be able to estimate the amounts a little easier. I’ve been making this shake for around 3 years so it takes me just about 2 minutes to make, & I love it because the frothy texture makes the shake so much more satisfying!


It’s the perfect on the go meal replacement if you choose the right protein powder & add greens & oils. Throw a water bottle, a handful of nuts & some cut veggies in your purse and you should be set for hours.

little boy pushing vitamix blender button
frothy mocha shake overhead view
frothy mocha shake sitting on table ready to drink

If you make this shake, let me know what you think in the comments below! Or if you make any adjustments, share them for others to see – every person is on their own healthy journey and has to eat the way that works best for them. This shake has been a huge help in my wellness journey.