It’s always an honor to take branding and non-traditional headshots for small businesses. I don’t take that responsibility lightly — I know just how important the marketing and representation of ourselves really is in the small-business world. After all, we are our brand.

I met Devin last year while doing he & his wife Nicole’s maternity photos, and have since done an extended family session (as well as grabbing a couple photos of them with their precious baby at the end of this branding session - I couldn’t resist!), and it’s such a treat to get to know my clients and their families. In fact, I think I’ve said before that this is my favorite part of this job, by far.

I look forward to doing more of these branding non-traditional headshot sessions in the coming years. If you’re considering custom branding imagery and want to chat, reach out! I’d love to hear from you. I also offer documentary sessions for small businesses — a great way to show your customers or clients who you are as a person or the behind-the-scenes of your business. Let’s tell your story!