FAQs (with examples!)

Just a few questions that I'm frequently asked.... thanks for reading! What should I expect from my session? You should expect a photographer who loves what she's doing, who wants nothing more than to make you look fabulous, and who will give you direction, but also watches for natural interactions that add depth to your gallery of images.

How long will the session last? Sessions usually last 45 minutes to one hour, with the exception of Senior Portrait Sessions, which tend to run longer due to an outfit change or two.


What does "Lifestyle Photography" mean? Lifestyle photography essentially tells a story. It captures you, the real you, living life as you normally would. To me, lifestyle photography is capturing those in-between-moments that happen in a blink... it might be the way your husband glances at you and smiles as you teach your daughter to fly a kite, or the way you and your spouse naturally interact while the kids are dancing around you... it's those chunky little toddler legs running along a boardwalk, or your newborn being cradled for the first time just moments after birth. Lifestyle photography is a work of art, because it freezes moments in time that you'll too-soon miss.


May I send you my Pinterest board/pins to show you my favorite shots? And will you be sure to get those shots? You are welcome to send me your Pinterest board or favorite pins, but please note: I will not specifically copy these shots. I may use your board as inspiration, or as a way of getting to know you. My photography style is much more photojournalistic, and not cookie-cutter. I want to capture you having fun, interacting, being YOU.

What's the best time of day for photos? Simply put: the "Golden Hour(s)". Basically, the hour or so just after sunrise, and the hour or so prior to sunset. The soft light photographs beautifully, and will give your photos a warm, vibrant, golden look. I realize this time of day may be tough with young children, so I'm willing to work with you on timing and planning the session around your schedule.


What happens if the weather doesn't cooperate? I promise to carefully watch the radar and will stay in close contact with you if it looks like we might get hit with a storm. I will sometimes make the final call within the last few hours prior to your session. This is Michigan after all... : )

Do you have a studio? Technically, no. But I am able to set up my natural light studio equipment in my home, and will occasionally offer this type of session in the winter. If the weather is nice enough, I would far prefer to be outside, soaking up as much sunshine as possible. Studio photography is not my passion, but it's helpful to have the equipment for just-in-case.


Can I bring a friend along? Of course! I especially encourage this for Senior Portrait sessions. Whoever makes you feel comfortable and happy, bring them!

What kind of equipment and software do you use? I edit all of my photos in Lightroom on a PC (yes, a PC! I still have my Mac as a back-up). Some photos end up getting run through Photoshop for specific edits, but for the most part I am strictly a Lightroom gal. I built my business using a Canon Rebel T1i, and upgraded to a full frame Canon 6D in 2013. My lenses include the Canon 50mm 1.4 and Sigma 24mm 1.8.

If you could only use one lens for the rest of time, what would it be? My 50mm 1.4 without a doubt, and if money were no factor, I'd upgrade to the 1.2.

Do you only do portrait work? My goal for 2014 was to expand commercially, and so far things are looking great. I've added corporate and individual headshots to my portfolio, and I've enjoyed the experience even more than I imagined I would.


Didn’t get your question answered? Drop me an email to elyserowlandphoto@gmail.com