Following my Heart | Kalamazoo Michigan Newborn Photographer

A few months ago, I decided it was finally time. Time to chase the passion that burned inside my heart. For babies. For birth. For families getting to know their newest family member. I had prayed for a way to mesh two of my very favorite things: birth and photography. I clearly remember the day I first heard about Fresh48 photography – it felt like my heart gasped. The birth of my own son in 2011 was the single most wonderful, life changing experience I’ve had to date, but unfortunately it took every bit of energy in me to capture a few precious photos of his newness while we were still in the hospital. I wish so much I had hired someone to photograph us as a family, getting to know him, the instant bond… His little squished face that lasted but a few days. His tiny hands and feet, with the peeling skin left from living inside my belly.

Even as a photographer, for the birth of our next child in August, we’ve hired a Doula who also does a little Fresh48 photography as part of her package. I find this to be such a lifesaver – it will give me the ability to relax, not worry about the photos, and just focus on our first moments together as a family. And in the end, we’ll have beautiful images to remember those precious firsts.

Fresh48 photography is a great alternative to birth photography for parents who would like to freshen up before having a camera in the room. But I can promise… no matter what you look like after giving birth to that sweet new baby, you will be so glad to have those first moments documented. ♥