4 Reasons to Book a Documentary-Style Extended Family Session with Elyse Rowland, Kalamazoo Photographer.

Hey friends! I was invited to do another extended family in-home session  just over a week ago, and it got me thinking. If you follow my work, it's probably evident that I love shooting in a more photojournalistic style – it gives me creative wiggle room and gives the family space to just be comfortable in their own environment, but there are a few other reasons I think they're the most important family session you'll ever book, and I wanted to share those with you today.

4 Reasons to Book a Documentary-Style Extended Family Session

family members playing card game and laughing

1. You’re hanging out anyway. 

Why not invite a photographer to capture some of your time together? Bonus: you can have an album made of the photos & present it as a gift next Christmas. So simple but truly the gift they’ll never get tired of. 

family playing cards in sunroom

2. Flexibility. 

Have a baby or toddler in the bunch? Naps, snacks, and doing whatever the children want to do is completely acceptable.

extended family walking outside on a sunny day

3. Less prep work.

There are absolutely no rules with these sessions, and no need to have a perfect home or all your home projects finished, or perfect decor, or purchase special clothing. Just be you, do your favorite things, and I’ll take care of the rest. (Besides, in my opinion laundry in baskets or dishes on the counter just tells a special part of your story anyway - you’re busy making memories with your family.)

baby boy on floor, laughing with grandma
extended family playing card game

4. You’ll walk away with your memories documented & the ability for you, your children, your children's children, an so on, to go back in time.

We all wish we had more time with extended family, especially when they’re out of town or as time passes and we realize just how short life really is. So use this as a way of remembering all the special moments – grandma loving on her new grandbaby, your brother laughing alongside you during a card game, or grandpa making the best funny faces & noises to make baby laugh. More often than not, families wish they had more photos, myself included. 


My hope is that you'll take advantage of your time together, like this beautiful family did. They laughed, played games, took a stroll in the sunshine, and made memories together.

If you have an extended family gathering coming up, let's make this happen for you.


family with dogs laughing at baby in the sunshine
father kissing son, mom and dad laughing
mom, dad, baby and chihuahua outside on sunny day

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