Kalamazoo Michigan Family Photographer | Location Scouting

Location scouting.

It's practically a dirty word in the photography world (ok, two words...), because it easily becomes a time-killing side hustle when spring hits. With local preserves doing their controlled burns right now, and the fact that winter lasted well into April this year, it's been difficult trying to find anything photo-worthy in these parts. 

However, I have a pretty amazing husband... 

He knew I'd been spending every extra second driving all over Kalamazoo County and checking with locals. He may have thought I was crazy the morning I woke up at 3 am in a panic knowing I had a session in two days, and couldn't seem to find what I was searching for. 

So yesterday on the way to a family outing, he stopped in at a friend's private property and in less than two minutes, we had permission to the amazingness below. Take a look for yourself. I can't stop grinning about the wide open spaces, rolling hills, tall grass, meandering creek, logs just the right size for taking a seat, and surrounding dirt roads. It's a photographers dream...

boy walking on log by creek

Three years old and so ready for adventure, this boy of mine. I'm thankful because it helps immensely to have a person to photograph when I'm testing out a new location. His willingness to climb trees, run through prairie grass, or splash in a mud puddle makes him extra helpful.

I can't wait to see the magic that happens in this gorgeous spot! 

I have just a few spots left on my calendar for 2018. Be sure to reach out if you've been considering family, maternity or newborn photos this year! You can email me at elyserowlandphoto@gmail.com or contact me here

xo, Elyse