2019 P52, Week 14. Saving for Beyblades & Listing our Camper on Outdoorsy.com. Elyse Rowland Photography of Kalamazoo, Michigan.

For over a month, these two saved their pennies for a new set of Beyblades and a larger arena (where the Beyblades hold their matches against eachother, in case this isn’t an obsession at your house yet…) They decided to compile their money into one jar, and insisted on counting it daily. At the end of each week, their dad would pay them a small allowance (usually $1-2 per week) for assisting in additional farm chores. They were thrilled, and so was I — they learned a ton about counting money and how much work it takes to earn a dollar! And in case you’re wondering, they did save up enough to buy a new Beyblade set & arena, and it’s kept them quite busy! :)

This past week also brought a new little side business — renting out our 8-person camper on Outdoorsy.com. It’s a site that allows traveling individuals to search for a camper, place a deposit, and pick it up at the beginning of their trip. So we got everything ready, took photos, and spent several hours getting it listed. I love that the camper is well insured for both the renter and owner, plus Outdoorsy offers 24/7 roadside assistance, and great customer service on my end. And the best part: within two days, the camper booked it’s first 4 day trip! I’m hopeful and excited for this new venture!

Thanks for following along, more to come next week!
xx, Elyse

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