2019 P52, Week 16. Cuddling Chickens & Celebrating Easter. Elyse Rowland Photography, Kalamazoo Michigan.

“The day came, it seemed in no time, when my children were grown and gone, and I again found time to tend the roses. I could labor over them from dawn until dusk with no children to feed, no husband needing meals, and few passersby on the old road. My flowers have come thick and full and beautiful again. From time to time, I see neighbor children come to pick them when I am silent in my house. I close my eyes and listen to their laughter, and think that the best times of my life, the times that passed by me the most quickly, were the times when the roses grew wild.” (From the book Tending Roses, by Lisa Wingate)

A quote from my current read, a book passed along to me by a dear friend who knew it was exactly what I needed to read. The quote pops into my head at random times throughout the day & rearranges my thoughts. Like, when I’m frustrated because I have so much work to do, but my 2 year old is beyond tired and all he really needs are cuddles on the couch. Or when my 7 & 4 year olds get out of bed 32 times before falling asleep for the night, needing just one more thing, or to be tucked in & prayed over for the third time. :) Or when I’m faced with the decision of finishing up a client gallery, or playing that super-long board game that my 4 year old has been requesting I play with him for the last 3 days. ;)

Truly a reminder I needed. Maybe you need it too. Maybe you get caught up in the “hustle” — the constant push by outside influences to be more than ‘just a mom’. To do more, make more money, or atleast look the part of mom who’s ‘doing it all’. I think it’s time we stop glorifying busy, and start looking at this sweet time in our lives that is passing by in an instant… the things that happen when the roses grow wild.

I love my job. Seriously. I LOVE what I do. I cannot imagine taking photos or designing graphic art. It’s part of me. But it will be there when my children are grown. Maybe not in the same capacity, maybe technology will have zoomed past me, and I won’t be able to return to doing it in this same exact way. But you know what? It’s not the end of the world if things change — I can trust in God’s plans for my life. I can trust that things will work out the way they’re supposed to, if I’m just faithful to step into His plans for me right now.

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend! We’ll be praising our King over at ChapNaz and I can’t wait to spend time in His presence with our church family beside me.

Thanks for following along on my Project 52!
xx, Elyse

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