2019 P52, Week 6. Counter Chaos with Elyse Rowland, Vicksburg Michigan Photographer.

Just one photo for week 6 of my Project 52, because almost every photo I snapped over the course of the week is a blurry, in-the-moment iPhone photo at Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City. We spent 3 days there with sweet friends who invited us for their son’s 7th birthday party. He and our boys always have fun together, whether it’s nerf guns or climbing trees, so a trip to Great Wolf with their family was the perfect getaway.

This image is the counter chaos that happened one day prior to leaving. Finishing up some work tasks, journal sprawled open, lists of items to pack, water bottles everywhere, a humidifier running to alleviate some of the dryness we’re all feeling this winter, and my room-temp coffee that needs re-heated for the umpteenth time. Then behind that you may see our game cupboard hanging open, toys and blankets scattered, and a random stool placed next to the couch – likely by the baby who likes to jump from high things lately (#fearless). It’s a simple photo, but years down the road, I know it will remind me of days gone by – the craziness of three boys, making list upon list when packing for 5 people, tying up loose ends before heading out the door, working & answering client emails in the cracks of time, and of course the constant need to tidy up… that’s motherhood, right? It’s a job with many ‘hats’, but I wear them with pride and know this is all part of the journey.

cluttered countertop in older home

Thanks for following along on this Project 52. Lots of good stuff coming in the next week, and I can’t wait to share!

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