2019 P52, Week 9. Jumping for Joy + a Reminder to Back Up Your Photos. Elyse Rowland Photography, Kalamazoo Michigan.

The past week could best be described as tumultuous. Lots of ups and downs and lost sleep. But I managed to get my camera out one afternoon and snapped the set below. As always, shooting these three jumping around overwhelmed me with joy & helped me see what’s most important.

And if you’re wondering about my ups and downs this past week, I think this Instagram post sums it up pretty well:

“PSA: *Please please please* back up your photos! On Sunday I came home from an in-home session, started uploading files and I’m not even certain how it happened, but my external hard drive crashed to the ground. I freaked. Because I just knew it was going to be bad news. I plugged it in, and nothing was left, not a single thing would come up on my screen. I heard clicks and then silence. I was stunned. Thankfully though, I run multiple back ups. It’s still an absolute pain to get everything organized again (because we’re talking thousands upon thousands of extremely large files) but my images were safe & sound with @backblaze - an online cloud back up. For a small price, they FedEx’d me a copy of the drive, and I’m currently uploading it to two new externals. One will go into a fireproof safe, the other will stay where I can easily grab it for client orders, etc. If you hear nothing else I say, hear this: it’s not a matter of IF your back up method will fail, it’s WHEN. Having multiple back ups is key. It would have cost me around $2500 to recover my files had I not done regular Cloud back ups😳. Sadly I have super slow internet at our new house and have to switch to offline back ups, but you can bet I’ll continue putting every image in atleast 3 spots, and printing too.”

So thankful for the dancing and laughing and jumping and playing that happens on a regular basis around here. And photos that help me re-live the moments.

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