Have you ever wished you could hit the 'pause' button on your life? Or maybe even rewind just to live a moment over again?

I know I have.

family laughing and wrestling on parent's bed
children running through house near galesburg mi while parents watch and laugh

I love looking back at photos of myself as a child. The nostalgia, joy, and peace I feel seeing the people I love, some who are gone now, all around me in the photos. Even though I can't go back to that time, I still feel like I'm there when I pull out those dusty prints. 

My grandmother was a documentary photographer. She didn't realize it, but she was. She would take photos and videos of random moments, things that brought her joy... like my grandpa sitting on the back porch as the sun went down each evening, his feet, tired from working all day, resting high on the rail, my 18 month old self plopped on his lap, smiling at him because I 'stole' his old straw hat. The beauty in a photo like this is that we feel the joyNothing about it is forced. Everything about it is meaningful and tells a piece of the story that I never would have known, had she not taken this photo. 

My grandma is gone now. But my grandpa, the one I stole the straw hat from, is here, and photos like this are what help us to still connect. Photos like these aren't just photos, they're the glue in our memories, connecting us with the past.

family in children's playroom

There's power in stories. It's not just about today and the photos we decorate our walls with. It's about 20, 30, 70 years from now when our children and our children's children need to rewind and feel the joy. 

family in all white kitchen near kalamazoo mi

"But, Elyse... my house is dark and small... I have to climb mountains of laundry to get down our hallway, dishes are always piled high... I haven't decorated since we moved in, I haven't had time to vacuum or mop in a month, we don't have any window shades...and my kids are CRAZY."

Oh mama, I know you. (I am you.) 

If you haven't heard yet, we homeschool and my house is always a mad zoo.

little boy yelling at brother

My boys are so loud. SO. Loud. I doubt your children could compete. ;) And window coverings? Pshhhh. Why cover up the beauty God gave us?! My laundry and dishes are *always* piled up. I'll get to that someday. And my decor skills are mediocre at best (aka everything comes from a thrift store.) 

So when you wonder if your house is 'good enough' for photos, and you mention the mess and the chaos, and then you hear me stifle my giggles – know that it's just because I can relate. 100%.

little girl splashing in puddles by home in kalamazoo michigan

I would love nothing more than to step into your coziest space (or your front porch, or your backyard…) and document your day with your favorite people, doing your favorite things. There are no rules, nothing to worry about… just be you, and I’ll take care of the rest.

For the month of February, I’m offering $150 off in-home sessions (only 2 spots available). You can contact me here, or drop me a line at elyserowlandphoto@gmail.com.

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