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With every photo session I'm blessed to be a part of, and each time I pass along a gallery, my prayer is simple: that the people in the photos would cherish these memories and pass them along for generations to come... that they would look beyond any doubts they have about how they look or what their family wore or how their children felt about doing a photoshoot (the list could go on, right? we've all been there...) and I just pray that they see the goodness and beauty that we documented.

While I was editing, this song called "My Most Beautiful Day" from the soundtrack Tuck Everlasting popped up & I love these lyrics...

each memory
a sweet melody
the heart clings to
each passing day
what time takes away
the heart makes new
looking back
looking back is something to look forward to

your most beautiful day
for the rest of your life

love unlike beauty
or dresses
or dances
won't wrinkle or thicken with time

to be loved you will learn
is to love in return

Children grow, dogs age, everything changes as time moves forward... but photos remain forever.

Today I hope you hug the ones you love and make time for adventures!


Hi, and thanks for visiting my blog! Iā€™m Elyse, the face behind Elyse Rowland Photography of Kalamazoo, Michigan. 

LOVES: That warm glow you can only find during sunset. Jesus + all the grace He gives this mama of 3 boys. Babies, especially my own, and the way his pudgy hands reach out to me. Morning sun dappling across a colorful quilt. Running with my red lab Waylon, and watching the sunrise. And of course, the fact that I get to photograph the most beautiful people + places.

I currently offer both in-home documentary and outdoor lifestyle sessions, as well as branding & headshot photography. I customize each & every session to my beautiful client's lives, and I'm able to give 110% of myself by only taking a small number of sessions each month.

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