Brand new baby, brand new big sister. Kalamazoo Michigan Newborn Photographer, Elyse Rowland.

Something about having 3 kids has given me a different set of eyes at newborn sessions. I know the amount of work going on behind the scenes, the way mom and dad are now splitting their time, the giant emotions being felt by little ones turning into big sister or brother. It’s all tricky, but it’s all incredible. It’s holy work, raising these little people. This is why my job is so important to me… capturing the in-between and the new and the real. With these pictures, we can time travel, and feel all the feels over again.

Beau & Amanda, thank you for sharing your morning with me. Thank you for trusting me to document all the details and the in-between moments, and for just living life together while I hung out with my camera. :) You’re doing such a fantastic job with these little girls.

Xx, Elyse