Roberts Family | Portage MI Lifestyle Family Photography

Simply put, this session was exactly what I needed in the dead of winter: fun, lighthearted, and genuine. Wesley is one day younger than my River, so I felt an instant connection to him (plus, did you get a look at his gorgeous hair?! It's perfection.) At 6 months, babies are so wonderful to photograph. They adore their mom and dad, everything is interesting to them, they're becoming mobile, and they loooove grabbing their toes. What could be better? With minimal direction, I was able to capture the Roberts family in their home space... cuddling, reading, playing, and living life. We chatted, we laughed. I even coaxed Emily & Mike into a photo of just the two of them. :) Documenting real life moments is so much more fun to me than placing a family into a stiff, unnatural pose and expecting children to sit still. The longer I do photography, the more I'm seeing myself as a journalist. I'm telling stories, not creating them.

If you're a parent reading this, and you're thinking "I'd really love to have our family photographed, but my house is too small/too messy/needs updated/has cobwebs/the list goes on", please know this: Where you're at in life right now is special. No one cares if your house is messy, in fact, some of my favorite personal photographs show my house at it's messiest, because we were really living. Also know this: we are all as young as we will ever be in this moment. Your children are growing as I type this. Those sweet little chubby hands and feet will change & grow overnight. Your twirling-tutu princess will soon trade in her tiara for more 'grown up things'. That Superman cape that your little boy is sporting these day? Let's capture it in photos before we forget. I promise you won't regret it.

Thank you, Roberts Family, for welcoming me into your home and allowing me to photograph genuine moments.


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