I've been lucky enough to meet some of the sweetest families since I started my business, and the Moore family is no exception. Ashley saw a session I did for a cousin of hers and hired me for a family shoot last fall. Then she booked this maternity session, which was incredibly fun to say the least, and at some point this month I'll be meeting up with them to photograph them with their new baby boy (*squeal!*). I just love this family. It always feels great to have a client re-book, but in addition, it gives me a chance to get to know the family on a more personal level. We're able to build a relationship. I get to know the kids, and the kids begin to trust me and know that I'm not just a big, scary camera in their face. :) I've also found with repeat clients that every session is better than the last, without fail. With relationships comes trust, and with trust comes a bit more artistic freedom. With that freedom, I'm able to give my clients an amazing experience. And really, that's what every session should be - a wonderful, effortless experience for the family. It should be more about enjoying yourself, and less about perfectionism, smiling at the camera, or worrying that you're not in the right pose.

The Moore family simply has it down. They take my direction and run with it, and I just follow their lead.

Thanks so much Bob, Ashley & Austin for being so easy going and fun to work with. I always look forward to seeing you, and I'm especially excited to meet baby boy #2!