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Trevor + Ryanne | Kalamazoo MI Engagement & Couples Photographer


Trevor + Ryanne | Kalamazoo MI Engagement & Couples Photographer

All the feels. This entire session gives me all the feels. There's something amazing about a man with a guitar serenading his bride-to-be in the middle of a pine forest. All the feels. 

My 'little' brother Trevor, the bearded guitarist doing the serenading in the images below, is marrying the girl of his dreams this December -- the blonde beauty being serenaded, who happens to be an incredibly talented artist herself.

I'll never forget the night Trev & I were over at our parents and he pulled this tiny little box out of his pocket. He didn't even have to say what was inside - I knew he and Ryanne were meant for eachother and that a beautiful marriage was in their cards (keep scrolling for a close up of the gorgeous rock he handpicked for her!)

Less than a year from now, I'll be standing up with my future sister-in-law Ryanne (she asked me to be a bridesmaid!) as she & Trevor say their vows and become husband and wife.

Trev & Ry, wishing you the best engagement season. This is such a pivotal time in your lives, and I'm honored to help with wedding preparation. I absolutely love that you two are planning this dreamy day with your marriage at the forefront of your minds, instead of letting all the focus fall on one single day. Cheers to two of the most beautiful people I know, both inside and out. xo



Kalamazoo MI Family Photographer | Rypma

I met Sarah just over a year ago when a mutual friend of ours introduced us to eachother and several other photographers. Our little group of 5 now gets together every month or so to chat over coffee about life, kids, Jesus, photography, and just about anything else, along with keeping in touch almost daily on Facebook. We support eachother 110%, and see our differences as strengths. It's been one of the biggest blessings in my life - meeting these incredibly loving, supportive women, who are amazing at what they do and on top of it, they share the wealth of knowledge they've gained over the years. I just love them. (By the way - if you don't already follow Sarah Rypma Photography on Facebook, you should! Her page can be found here.) Sarah's one request for her session was some shots of her with her children since she's usually behind the lens. As photographers, we know how important these images are, so I was on a mission to not only give her those shots, but to deliver a well-rounded gallery full of images that tell a piece of their family story. It's not that we need to document what we looked like or the clothes we wore -- it's much more than that. The way your little boy's hand fits perfectly in his dads. Or how your little girl is just small enough to still be carried on your hip. The wind blowing through your hair as you hug your oldest tightly after a heart-to-heart talk about a rough day... or sitting on a sunlit hill next to the love of your life while your beautiful children run around you laughing and playing. These are the moments that our children will love looking back on as they reminisce about their childhood.

Something I've been thinking about lately is the investment that each of my clients is making when they book a family session with me. Photography is an investment in your family's memories. It makes your home feel like home. Your children, my children.... they'll thank us someday for taking the time out of our busy schedules and investing in photography. (In fact, I just booked my family session for this summer & already have a spot on the wall for a 30x40 canvas I plan to purchase!)

I am so grateful for the opportunity to photograph your lovely family, Sarah! I've learned so much from you over the past year, and I'm so happy to call you my friend. I cannot wait to see what the next year brings for us.


family walking, bow in the clouds

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