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Kalamazoo Michigan Childrens Photographer | A Sun Drenched Sink Bath


Kalamazoo Michigan Childrens Photographer | A Sun Drenched Sink Bath

The first time we walked into the house we now call home, I knew this sink was calling my name. It's where the sun pours in mid-afternoon, and warms my face as I finish up dishes and start dinner. So yesterday I quickly wrapped things up, cleared the sink (because, let's be honest, there's usually a mountain of clean dishes drying off to one side and a few dirty items off to the other...) and I started the bubble bath. 

I kept thinking of Ann Voskamp's book "One Thousand Gifts". In that moment, I could have created my own list of gifts: this perfect, healthy, chubby-legged baby who loves soap bubbles, with his sheepish grin and wispy auburn hair. The way the sun trickled in and drenched our kitchen as he squealed and splashed. I sometimes can't believe this is my third time raising a baby. It all feels wonderfully new, each time. 

baby getting sink bath

Our sweet little guy is now 10 months old. I don't know why but babies grow too fast.

baby in kitchen sink bath

This next image is my favorite of the entire bunch, and I knew it the moment I heard my shutter click. His little pout, rounded belly, pudgy knuckles... he's just perfection in this mama's eyes. 

I love that this photo – all of these photos, really – will transport me back to this exact moment and the way I feel now. I guess that's why I do what I do. It's my own version of time travel. 

I'm so thankful my husband snapped this last one for me. It would have been so easy to say "I look horrible, don't take my photo..." but I let him, because I know none of that matters. The day is coming when I'll no longer have a baby in the house, and I'll need these photos to take me back.

mom drying son off after sink bath

I'd love to help other mama's time travel. If you have a special moment you'd like forever documented, please don't hesitate to reach out. These sessions hold such a dear spot in my heart. 

Hi, and thanks for visiting my blog! I’m Elyse, the face behind Elyse Rowland Photography of Kalamazoo, Michigan. 

My favorite things: That warm glow you can only find during sunset. Jesus + all the grace He gives this mama of 3 boys. Babies, especially my own, and the way his pudgy hands reach out to me. Morning sun dappling across a colorful quilt. Running with my red lab Waylon, and watching the sunrise. Traveling and photographing the most incredible people + places.

I currently offer both in-home documentary and outdoor lifestyle sessions, as well as branding & headshot photography. I customize each & every session to my beautiful client's lives, and I'm able to give 110% of myself by only taking a small number of sessions each month.

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