As Spring is finally coming into focus, you may be starting to consider your next family photo session. And, in my opinion, one of the most important elements of your session is the time of day it takes place. My absolutely favorite time to plan sessions is during the "golden hour", which is basically the hour or so right after sunrise, and the hour or so just prior to sunset. When a client books with me, I provide the exact time that I recommend (based on a digital sunrise and sunset calendar), and then together we adjust the time to meet their needs.


Here's a great example of a golden hour family session from last fall. This was toward the end of our session, and the lighting was soft and gorgeous.


 See what I mean? Soft, golden, wonderful light.... perfect for conveying the warmth of family sessions.

Have questions about family photo sessions with {ERP}? Feel free to contact me at 269.491.3040 or I'd love to chat with you, and there is absolutely no obligation to book.