A quick disclaimer: this may be a post sharing professional commercial photography, but it’s also an honest post from my heart — one that I hope area moms and dads find helpful in their search for quality care in Southwest Michigan.

My Personal Experience with Past Doctors

A few years ago, before finding Wellspring, I was feeling completely frustrated with the level of care our family was receiving at our previous family doctor’s office. It felt rushed, impersonal, and lacked detail. I would sit for over an hour waiting (between the waiting room and the actual patient room), the doctor would walk in, and after an extremely short visit where I felt like nothing I said was listened to, they would prescribe a medicine or tell me I was all set. But it never felt like I was “all set” & many times I questioned the prescription because I didn’t understand why it was being prescribed or how it would help. It never felt like I was looked at as a whole human being or that anything was explained to me.

Enter Wellspring.

Ahhhhh. A breath of fresh air. I had heard through several friends in my community that they were incredibly pleased with the atmosphere, the doctor’s kind bedside manner, and the way they were listened to. Like someone actually cared. I immediately called to get my oldest two children in, then later my husband, myself, and last my third child.

And you know what? Every single appointment I left feeling listened to. Cared about. Treated like a whole human with feelings. I no longer cringe at the thought of taking my children to the doctor. (And if any mama’s have questions or would like to chat more about this on a personal level, please drop me a note!)

So when the opportunity this winter came up to photograph their beautiful office & their staff, along with a few patients, I was all in. We ended up with a brisk but sunny Saturday morning, and I loved how the staff came in and just enjoyed their time together, albeit another day at the office technically. They had coffee, chatted about life, and allowed me to shoot around them. I left feeling this pride of “YES! This is how a doctor’s office should be!”

And with that, I’ll leave you a few of my favorite images from the morning. If you’re local and searching for a better model of care, give them a call. Sherri is the front desk receptionist, and she’ll take amazing care of you. I just adore her. And if you have kids, she has the perfect “Sticker Picker Stool” where they can sit & pick their favorite out of the stack. I’m telling you… They’re all amazing. So thankful they’re in my area!

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