We (my wonderful assistant photographer & I) are so excited for your special day! The following questionnaire is the best way for us to plan and prepare to photograph every moment of your day. Please include as much information as possible, and if you have any questions or concerns as you work through it, feel free to email me at elyserowlandphoto@gmail.com or call 269-491-3040.

Bride *
Groom *
Mailing Address After the Wedding? *
Mailing Address After the Wedding?
In other words, what are you MOST looking forward to? I don't shoot from a shot list, simply because I would have my face buried in a list trying to check everything off instead of capturing every moment of your day! But don’t worry, I’ll cover all of the major things you want photographed, and I'm wondering if there's anything out of the ordinary I should know about? (i.e. are you wearing your grandmother’s garter? Are there any gifts being exchanged?)
If you would like me to be in direct contact with bride/groom, please specify. Please add the name/contact # of your wedding coordinator as well (if you have one).
deaths, divorces, disabilities, etc.
Will you be doing First-Looks before the ceremony?* *
*I am all for tradition, and think it's fantastic if you want to wait to see eachother until you arrive at the alter. HOWEVER, I also like to let couples know that having a First-Look prior to the ceremony typically allow for more room in your schedule for bride & groom photos, and these are typically the photos that get framed and hung in your home. Whatever you choose, I will work the schedule around it as best as possible. :-)
(i.e. golf, bocce ball, having a drink at the bar, etc...) Depending on the activity location and other factors, we may be able to cover this activity as part of prep photos.
List any important details you want to make sure are shot prior to the ceremony here (i.e. veil, family heirlooms, something borrowed, something blue, etc...)
If your venue is a hotel, please leave valet or self-park instructions and how to validate our parking tickets
*especially important if your ceremony is in a church
Traditional, non-denominational, catholic mass, casual, theatrics, special performances, unusual ceremony orders, butterfly release, etc.
Bubbles, bird seed, rice, etc... Drive around the block in a getaway vehicle...
Please consider the number of guests you may have and your timing. In our experience, receiving lines can take double or triple the time alotted and may take away from your scheduled photography time. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.
This does not apply to weddings under 6 hours. For all weddings 6 hours +, please let us know how you would like us to go about getting a bite to eat. This 10-15 minute timeframe also allows us to debrief and get organized for the remaining reception photos.
Will you have... *
Please check all that apply
Please consider your coverage time when selecting an arrival time (or insert time previously specified in wedding agreement)

Many thanks for taking the time to fill this out! If after filling this out you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me at elyserowlandphoto@gmail.com or by phone at 269-491-3040.